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Terms & Conditions 


Our T&Cs are universal across Wedding Transport and Photo Booth bookings and cover all circumstances related to both these services. 

This agreement is made between Pearl Heritage (“The Company”) and the person/persons signing the Booking Form (“The Hirer”).  

In signing this agreement, The Hirer accepts full responsibility for every person in his/her party to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Our VWs and equipment remains the property of The Company at all times. 


To secure the booking The Hirer must send to The Company a completed Booking Form and a signed copy of these Terms and Conditions. The Hirer is required to pay a non-refundable booking fee to The Company at the time of booking by bank transfer. On receipt of the written confirmation sent to The Hirer from The Company this agreement shall have effect.  

The booking fee will be deducted from the full balance payment which is due 30 days before The Day of Hire by bank transfer, otherwise the booking will no longer be secure. 

Late bookings are at the discretion of The Company and if made within 30 days of The Day of Hire, full payment will be required by bank transfer with the return of the signed Booking Form and Terms & Conditions. 

Any extra requests or alterations to the booking including additional pick up points or change of venue, causing extra time not made at the time of the booking/confirmation may not necessarily be achievable due to other commitments, however every effort will be made to meet these requirements but please note that further charges may be incurred. 

Once a booking is made and confirmed, the price quoted to The Hirer will not be changed, unless The Hirer wishes to make alterations to the booking. Only in the event of exceptionally increased fuel prices, the necessity to use roads with tolls or previously undisclosed costs / fees to offer service at a specified venue will the company be required to charge any extra fee. In this case The Hirer will be notified immediately. 


All cancellations must be in writing. If The Hirer cancels the booking: 

The Booking fee paid at time of booking will be non-refundable 

If more than 30 days’ notice is given then the balance of payment minus the Booking fee will be refunded to The Hirer (Only applicable where a full balance has been received at the Hirers discretion at time of booking or prior to 30 days before the booking) 

If less than 30 days' notice is given the full hire amount will be non-refundable.  

We strongly advise you to take out travel/wedding insurance to cover against any cancellations or unforeseen circumstances 


The Company does not accept responsibility or liability for adverse weather conditions or acts by other persons or organizations which may impact adversely on The Day of Hire. However, we will endeavor to do all that we can to maintain a professional standard despite difficulties not caused by ourselves. 

Whilst The Company will make every effort to arrive punctually at your pick up address we cannot not be held responsible or accept any liability for late arrival or cancellation due to circumstances beyond our control. The Company cannot be held responsible nor accept any liability for late or missed connections due to traffic congestion whilst en-route to your destination or due to circumstances beyond our control. We will always endeavor to find an alternative route. 

Whilst every effort will be made to maintain the serviceability of our VWs, The Company cannot be held responsible or accept any liability for mechanical, electrical, material breakdown or accident whatsoever. In this unlikely event every effort will be made for the immediate repair to our VWs so that the onward journey can continue.  

In the event of a breakdown or accident which impacts on the hire period we will offer a full refund of the hire price with no further liability accepted and The Hirer will have no further claim of any kind against The Company. Any further transportation required for your onward journey will be solely the responsibility of The Hirer. 

Every effort is made to ensure that our VW and equipment are available on The Day of Hire for Photo Booth Services. If due to circumstances beyond The Company’s control our VW or equipment is not available, The Company reserves the right to offer a suitable alternative.  If you are not willing to accept an alternative service in these circumstances, please let us know at time of booking. 

If an alternative is not available, the liability of The Company will be limited to the refund of any monies paid by The Hirer and The Hirer will have no further claim of any kind against The Company.  

The Company reserves the right to change the positioning of the Photo Booth service at the venue as required due to unforeseen circumstances including but not limited to issues with access or power supply. Every attempt will be made to achieve preferred positioning in the first instance. 

The Company reserves the right at any time to change/replace/renew the VWs and equipment booked or advertised in order to maintain The Company’s high standards with no liability accepted. The Company will always advise the Hirer in advance of their booking date in these circumstances. 

The Photo Booth may only operate whilst fully manned. Whilst every attempt will be made by The Company to ensure that the Photo Booth remains fully manned and operable at all times during the agreed hire period in the event that a short break is required the Photo Booth may temporarily close. This time will, where possible, be compensated at the end of the hire period. 


The Hirer shall be fully responsible and liable for any damage caused both inside and outside of our VWs by The Hirer or any member and his/her party, however caused. This includes incitement to ANY third party which results in damage to our VWs or contents and equipment. The Hirer will agree to be liable for the total retail cost of the repair/replacement of all damaged parts of our VWs or equipment. The Company will determine the location of the repairer or retailer. In addition, The Hirer will be liable to pay The Company a fixed daily rate (determined by The Company) whilst our VWs or equipment is out of commission for such repairs, plus any further incurred losses such as lost bookings.  

The consumption of food products or drink is not permitted unless authorized by The Company.  In addition, smoking is prohibited as is the transportation of pets, unless agreed in writing by company in advance of the booking date. Any infringement of these terms The Company will terminate the hire and agreement with no refund of monies paid. 

The Company reserve the right to request and where necessary enforce the removal from the VWs of any persons infringing these rules and / or behaving in an aggressive, destructive or erratic manner at any point during the hire period.  

Furthermore, The Company reserve the right, in exceptional circumstances, to close our Photo Booth service and withdraw service as deemed necessary for the protection of our persons and/or property. In this event The Company will make no refund of monies paid. 

The Company at no time will take responsibility for The Hirer’s or any members of his/her party’s possessions used or left in our VWs. The Hirer must ensure all possessions belonging to The Hirer or any of his/her party are removed at the end of each period of hire. 

The Company will accept no responsibility or liability for injury/death of the Hirer and any member and his/her party whatsoever and however caused arising directly or indirectly from the use of our VWs, unless by proven negligence of The Company. 

The Company or its representative(s)/employee(s) reserve the right to refuse entry to our VWs or to any person(s) they deem unfit, for whatever reason, and can refuse to continue the journey if any person(s) behave in a manner which may be detrimental to any other person or our VWs and their contents. In this event The Company will terminate the hire and agreement with no refund of monies paid. 


The Company holds appropriate public liability coverage up to £5 Million which is industry standard and acceptable to most venues. Some venues may, by exception, require suppliers to have a higher level of coverage. Any charges incurred for increased coverage will be added to The Hirers balance of payment. The Company will advise the Hirer of this in advance of their event.  
We advise you check with your venue if you are unsure particularly if your venue is a designated stately home or grade 1+ listed. 


The Company may discreetly take photographs during the hire period which may be used on our website and social media accounts. Any photographs taken will be used purely as promotional and marketing material. Photographs including children will not be used without express permission. 

If you object to photographs being taken at your event and / or used for these purposes by The Company then please inform us at the time of booking. 



Please note that The Company abides by the child seat laws. Your wedding is a planned journey so if your child is required by law to use a child seat then they must do so in any hired vehicle. The Hirer will be responsible for the supplying and fitting of the seats to satisfy the safety of the child. This website link offers information regarding child safety   

If seatbelts were not fitted at time of manufacture, then you are not required to wear them, due to this, adults over the age of 16 are allowed by law to travel without belts in the front and rear seats of our VW Transporter Campervan. As our VW was not fitted with rear seatbelts at time of manufacture, we are not able to carry children under 3 years old, Children over 3 years old are only allowed to in the back seats and we require the parent or guardian to sign a waiver. 


‘This Agreement’ means these Terms and Conditions and the Booking Form. In the event of any discrepancy between these Terms and Conditions and any other Vintage Inspired Wedding Hire literature, the provisions of these Terms and Conditions apply. There are no other verbal undertakings, warranties or agreements between the parties relating to the subject matter of these Terms and Conditions.  

‘The Company’ means Pearl Heritage whose director and proprietor is Charnee Watkinson. 

‘The Hirer’ means the person or persons signing this agreement and any persons whose payment is presented for the hire charges.  

‘The Day of Hire’ means the hire period referred to on the Booking Form and or any agreed variation and any additional period during which the vehicle is booked by The Hirer. 

“Our VWs” means our 1968 VW Type 2 Campervan hired under this Agreement and includes tyres, tools, accessories, the living equipment and any other special/photobooth equipment, documents related to The Vehicle and any replacement or substitute Vehicle which may be provided at the discretion of The Company.  

The Company reserves the right to refuse to hire to any person without explanation or prior warning. 



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